Does My Ex Want To Get Back Together - 2 Stages To Get An Ex Back

Published: 01st December 2008
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Does My Ex Want To Get Back Together - 2 Stages To Get An Ex Back

"Does my ex want to get back together?" Before we answer this question in this article, it is important to see which stage of your break up you are in. To make thing simple, we will divide your break up into two stages.

Stage 1: You have just broken up less than one month ago.

Stage 2: You have already broken up for more than one month.

Take not that the above is not a hard and fast rule. For some people, it may take them longer to proceed to stage 2, say two months.

In stage 1, you have just broken up. Your mind is in a twirl. You are probably confused and not too emotionally sound. You should take this time to heal yourself. This is not a good time to ask whether your ex wants to get back together with you. In fact, you may not even know whether you want to get back with your ex at this stge.

You may think you really want your ex back but after thinking things through, you might decide to move on instead. So, give yourself at least one month break from your ex. It is possible that your ex is undergoing a tough time too, even though he/she may be the one who suggested the break up. So, allow both of you time to cool down.

Now you are at stage 2, you are probably feeling much better now and your mind is at least a bit clearer. And you decide that you still want your ex back. So, now may be the time to ask whether your ex wants to get back together.

Well, there are no hard a fast rules but there are certain tell tale signs that indicate that you have a high chance.

Does your ex still call you every now and then? If he/she does, it may means he/she has not moved on yet. It can be an indication that your ex is still thinking about you.

The frequency of the call is also another factor. Generally the more often you receive his/her call, the higher his/her interest level.

The next indicator you want to look for is whether both of you are still friends and how often both of you go out together. Of course, this does not mean anything.

But by staying as friends and still going out together, you will have more opportunity to attract him/her back.

You can even use the accidental touch technique. Maybe you can say something like, "Hey, there is something on your hair." Then remove that "something" from their hair and see how they react. If you can see positive response, great for you!

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